Tua Tagovailoa Expected to have Personal Pro day In April

Former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has stated that he is expecting to have his pro day in April. Tua is coming back from a hip injury that he suffered last season and a lot of critics are unsure of how it will impact not just his rookie year, but his career.

“Mentally it’s been a grind, but it’s not something that’s new to me. I’ve dealt with a hand injury, my left ankle, my right ankle. So I sort of knew what to expect going through this process, but it’s definitely been a grind,” Tua said.

After being drafted, there is speculation that Tua may sit for a year to get a better understanding of the concept. “I want to be able to play as a competitor, but a lot of the greats have been mentored by big-time quarterbacks, veteran quarterbacks,” Tagovailoa said. “If a team needs me to go out and start for them, I’ll do that, but if they need me to sit behind and learn from him, I can’t see what’s wrong with that.”

Tua excelled as a quarterback with Alabama and his football stats have proven that he can be a great quarterback for a professional team. Patience is a virtue and right now Tua needs to make sure that he is healthy enough for a pro day, shutting down the injury critics and allowing him to focus more on what he can offer a team.