Allen Iverson and Reebok helping Bethel High School Seniors in a big way

Reebok and NBA Hall of Famer, Allen Iverson, are giving Bethel High School rising seniors something to look forward to next year. Reebok has announced that the company will pay all of the college application fees for the class of 2021. Iverson has stated in many interviews that he was grateful for what Bethel High did for him and he wants students to have an opportunity to go after their dreams, just as he did.

“Nothing should limit you from applying to any school you want to consider. By working with Reebok to cover the application costs of rising seniors at Bethel High, I want the next generation of game-changers to see college as a route to success, whether they want to be an artist or a doctor,” said Iverson.

Outside of Bethel High School, rising seniors nationwide can apply to and submit a 200-word essay about having their application fee waived will and how it will help them towards their goals and aspirations in college. Only a select few will have their application fee waived.