Scary Crash at the end of Daytona 500

Daytona– With only a lap left in overtime, Ryan Newman was battling Denny Hamlin for first place and a chance at glory with winning the Daytona 500. Newman was chasing Hamlin down and was trying to get a push from Ryan Blaney on the backstretch, but the push was too much for the No.6 car and it spun out of control, hit a few cars, flipped up in the air, and the car skidded on it’s back. The Emergency crew was on the scene asap, put Newman on a stretcher, and rushed him to the emergency room.

Hamlin went on to win the Daytona 500 but was worried about Newman’s condition. He wanted to make sure that the world said a few prayers for Newman.”The finish, the history, that’s all great. One day it will all sink in. But right now all I’m thinking about is Ryan Newman,” Hamlin told ESPN.

NASCAR announced that Newman had non-life-threatening injuries and was in serious condition at Halifax Medical Center.

“We had been waiting for information just like everyone else, so to hear some positive news tonight is a relief,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director for Ford Performance Motorsports. “The entire Ford family is sending positive thoughts for his recovery, but our first thoughts remain with his family and team.”