JIm Zorn is still learning the new format for the xfl

Jim Zorn

Seattle– The start of the revamped XFL will begin this week and Seattle Dragons‘ head coach, Jim Zorn, is finding different ways to improve his coaching strategy, as well as communicate with his players. “This was my first effort to get the headsets and to understand who can hear what,” Zorn said. “What I’m trying to do is just call the personnel group, call the play, and be quiet, so they can concentrate.”

The XFL allows radios in the helmets of quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers to communicate, and Zorn is finding it a tad bit difficult. “I have to communicate slower and speak clearly, but in the end, we will get it down pat.” With the XFL expected to be played at a faster pace, it will be interesting to see how each of the eight coaches adapts. The Dragons first game will be against the DC Defenders on February 8th.

The XFL has created a lot of buzz in the last year, and it will be an interesting debut. A lot of people want to know if the XFL can survive this year and give fans hope for another football league outside of the NFL.