Superbowl Security

Super Bowl public safety press conference. If you see something,  say something.

The NFL and members of public safety are again asking for your help as they gathered this afternoon to discuss the great lengths they’ve gone to keep Miami and all of South Florida safe during Super Bowl LIV. 

There are no specific or credible threats surrounding the Super Bowl, but it’s still understandably a Sear 1 security event, meaning an event of such magnitude requires the full support of the United States Government. 
Full support they certainly have. This is Miami’s 11th time having a Super Bowl,  besides the most experience hosting out of any city, they also have the following security teams working together: NFL, FBI, DHS, ICE, FEMA, Miami/Dade Police Department, Miami Beach Police Department, Regional fire departments,  public safety,  hired security staff, volunteers, and many more. 

Thousands of people have teamed together over the past year and a half to create an unprecedented level of security and make this a safe and fun event. They are monitoring everything from land, air, and sea: including the coronavirus, terrorism,  human trafficking, cybersecurity hacks, drone usage, even counterfeit goods.  But they still want your help. They say if you see anything, even something you just think is a little odd or simply makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up,  find your nearest officer and tell them quickly.  That fast action could be the key to saving a life.  

Senior Vice President of Security for the NFL, Cathy Lanier, says if you’re going Sunday to Hard Rock Stadium, pack your patience and “come early!”  While kick-off isn’t until 6:30 PM,  gates open at 2 PM, and there will be lots to do including the Gameday Spectacular.  She is also encouraging everyone attending the event to visit to read the stadium rules and get answers to your security questions.